Sunday, May 11, 2008


I remember fancying myself as a photographer right from the time i was in the 5th standard
Used to click everything that moved or didn't move much to the horror of my parents who kept buying loads of film and developing it to see nothing much really

so continued down that track for some time
once i reached college, i got to see some really good work and thats what sort of got me off photography
i never thought i would click anything that good ever.

Then i met David (David De Souza)
He was my photography professor in my 2nd year
I remember after his 2nd lecture i went up to him and asked him if i could see his camera which he used to sling around his shoulder and bring to college when he came for a lecture

The size, the weight, the grip
all of it just seemed to reassure me
Now this really got me curiosity going, so i went home and did a search and found his camera
it was a Canon Eos 5d
fantastic camera
would never be able to afford it
but it was nice to have seen and it and touched it

as the classes progressed i learnt many interesting things about perspective, style, colour and so on
i was really interested
i was literally hanging onto every word he was saying
but in the process was learning to judge what i heard in my own way

2 projects later, i realised something
i might or might not have a talent for being a photographer
i dont have to judge myself
i just have to go out there everyday and give it my best

but what i did know for sure was that i could judge a photograph
i was clear about what i liked and did not like and why

that summer i bought my first serious camera
my Canon Eos 400D

i had researched it for 2 months, thought long and well about it and then went ahead with my decision
and i haven't regretted it one bit

i do my best to capture what i think is interesting to me and capture it in a way that it remains interesting

the other day someone asked me why i carry my camera slung around my shoulder instead of in a bag
it was a question i had asked in my mind about a particular gentleman at a point of time
maybe it was because i considered him to be my mentor
but no
this time i knew the answer

i wanted my camera to see the light of day
i wanted my moment to be found, not for it to be served on a platter
and when the moment came i did not want my camera to be languishing in its bag
i wanted it to be in my hand ready to capture that wonderful moment that i had been waiting for

there are many people who keep saying that there aren't enough interesting things to take photographs of in todays world
maybe its because their cameras r too busy waiting in their bags....waiting

you might lose your camera
damage it
break it...i dunno watever by not keeping it in a bag
but at the least you are using it for the purpose it was made for

today all of the above might happen to my camera
but i know that it has served me well
i encourage every photographer out there
take your camera out of the bag
take any picture
it might not make sense now
but it might later
or the least you might make your camera feel satisfaction

so until death do us part capture we shall

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