Thursday, May 8, 2008

Easing in

just going through the barrage of options

reminds me of my camera actually
so many things with no apparent purpose

anyways since will be talking about things related to technology

here is a list of stuff that i use on a daily basis:

1) HP dv8233cl Laptop - 17inch powerhouse, completely dependent on it

2) Canon Eos 400D (Also known as the Digital Rebel XTi - along with the laptop, best buys ever. Use a 2GB San Disk Extreme IV CF card with it and still using the kit lens.

3) Nokia 1110i - Small, cheap, light, basic and suprisingly sturdy

4) Nokia N-GAGE QD - As you might have noticed i like big screens (check), gaming ability (check), weight and portability issues (check)

5) Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse - Most important of them all, but currently on a sabatical

am sure my microwave, firdge, tv, ac and so on are feeling left out, but sorry, limited patience

am also a major NEED FOR SPEED fan
MOST WANTED being my favourite
Carbon was alright
Pro Street is better than Carbon but no match for MW

currently addicted to Adobe Photoshop
am trying to rid myself of my ignorance and learn to do the right things to my pictures


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