Friday, May 9, 2008


my rants on bollywood films begin here i guess

was watching this movie called DUS KAHANIYAAN
made by Sanjay Gupta
the idea was to incorporate 10 short stories in one film, 6 diff directors

started watching and the first movie turned out to be a rip off of Roald Dahl's short story named Colonel Bixby's Coat.
Lost Hope.

But there were some stoires which stood out
If you are planning to watch this movie, here is what i thought of them so that you get an idea:
1) Rice Plate
naseeruddin shah and shaban azmi
great story focusing on communalism and religious biases

2) Gubbare
nana patekar
about a man and the things he does to appease his wife

3) Rise and Fall
sanjay dutt and sunil shetty
the story of two gangsters, love the parallels between their rise to fame and fall from glory
amazing, but the action choreography if done a little better could have made that scene so much better

4) Puranmaashi
amrita singh and minnisha lamba
was pretty decent. Amrita Singh did a decent job and the way one incident can change a life has been well portrayed.

5) Zahir
dia mirza and manoj bajpai
leaves you with a feeling of, fucked!!!!!
but definitely worth a watch

6) High on the highway
Jimmy Shergill and Masumeh
give it a miss. uses jumps through time and space. but really spaced out story. maybe a little puff-puff for those into that kinda thing and then watch.
for the rest, it would seem like the guy who wrote it and made it was going puff-puff

7) Sex on the beach
Dino Morea
eeeeeks. why. cliched, boring, desperate attempt.

8) Matrimony
Arbaaz Khan and Mandira Bedi
This was the story copied from Roald Dahl's collection (Colonel Bixby's coat).
People who don't know the story might enjoy it
some good shots in it in the first 30secs or so.

9) Lovedale
Aftab Shivdasani
Well he can't act. but the story is pointless. the most unlikely things seem to happen.
and to top it off even an actor like anupam kher looks like a prepped untalented fresher during the story.

10) Strangers in the night
Mahesh Manjrekar and Neha Dhupia
The acting is terrible. i mean terrible
but the story is interesting
the build up and the way it is shot is very interesting
love the flashbacks and the way they are structured
the twist is crazy
good story
diff actors could have made such a difference

all in all
commendable effort
but the problem is that even thought the idea is new to bollywood
it could have been executed so much better
the laziness is butt obvious

a new idea is not enough
the actors firstly could have been better
there needed to have been tighter control regarding the scripts
thirdly, the choreography in some parts could have been improved a bit for a temendously different end result

so would only seriosuly recommend people to watch 5 of the 10 short films.
1) Gubbare
2) Rice Plate
3) Rise and Fall
4) Strangers in the night
5) Zahir (just to say fucked him at the end of the movie)


will put up a review on darjeeling express (adrien brody, owen wilson, bill murray and so on) soon
watching the movie right now


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