Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wear your helmet

I took this picture on Linkin Road in Khar while i was in an autorickshaw

Looking at him was just a simple visual lesson of what not to do while you are riding a two wheeler
His helmet was attached to the rear bar
He was on his cell phone
And he was standing in the middle of the road at a short signal.

This must be the easiest way to get people to buy coffin for you
Sometimes more than yourself, people need to think of those around you.

I know of somebody who died in a bike accident.
Young guy.
What hit me after the accident was that he was gone
His mother was still here in this world and she was just a shell after her only son passed away

Was it worth it
The five minutes of having the wind in your hair
The ten minutes of the attention you got from the girl you were trying to impress
The few seconds of having a huge rush due to the speed...

...just before he landed head first under the tyre of truck driver (not drunk mind you)

We get our driving licenses at the age of 18 for a good reason
People think that we have by then gained some maturity and so can understand the importance of being a teency bit responsible

So be responsible
Wear a helmet....Please.

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