Thursday, July 17, 2008

What am i to do?

Just saw the Grey's Anatomy ad on TV, the one with THE FRAY track, HOW TO SAVE A LIFE.

So immediately went to YouTube and watched the entire video.

Was listening to the song and it made me think about a lot of things.
I am lucky enough to have a lot of hobbies which I am passionate about
Starting with photography, music, gadgets, cars, the media and advertising and other forms of films and god knows what else.

I always was clear about not being clear. Went and took Maths, Economics, Psychology, English and Elective English in my senior years (11th and 12th). Mixed up and messed up.
Just completed my graduation, did Mass Media with a specialization in Advertising.
Became interested and passionate about photography in the last two years of college.

Now that i am out, i just can't help explore everything thats in front of me. Its like a buffet and Im the fat kid.

Do i pursue music cause i love music, exploring different kinds, artists and sounds but don't play an instrument. What I am clear about is what I like and I don't like.

Or do i start learning and try become a professional photographer. Become an automotive photographer and that would kill 2 birds with 1 stone. perfectly logical.

Already into advertisng. I like to write concepts, think up ideas and print ads and so on. Working as a servicing guy in the industry right now actually.

Took me some time to realise then that a hobby is nice but its not a job. I like keeping my hobbies separate because after my job is over there is still something to look forward to. Besides im alreayd one lucky son-of-a-bitch. I get to work with all of these things since im part of the media industry.

Still going to explore as much as i can

Its not the time to worry about HOW TO SAVE A LIFE but instead its more important right now to JUST LIVE IT.

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