Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Technological Advanced

I used to pride myself on the technolgical know-how i possessed at one point of time.

That one point of time being yesterday.

I was talking to my friend Manu Ullas ( ( and he keeps getting me onto new things on the internet.
My best friend the internet (gives me info on cars, cameras, computers and all other forms of tech) was growing too fast for me.

I went through the Hi5, Orkut, then Facebook phase.

Then discovered Flickr and was content, after all photography is a major passion.
So i got hooked onto (

Then Manu introduced me to blogs and so here I am

Yesterday he was talking about how i should get my flickr account across to more people and the way to do it was not through blogs but instead through micro-blogging
And then he introduced to me TWITTER
and so as of today you can also find me at (

The internet is really spreading
And maybe its for the good, people are able to find a niche for everything.

But to me it will always be blackberry and apple, not facebook and flickr that were the true pioneers

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